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Hello, parent or guardian of a digital kid!

We are SuperAwesome

Over 170,000 kids go online every day for the first time.

We are building a safer internet for the next generation.

Who is SuperAwesome?

SuperAwesome’s mission is to build a safer internet for the next generation. Used by hundreds of brands, developers and content owners, SuperAwesome’s technology provides the tools for safe digital engagement with almost half a billion kids every month.

KWS is the #1 parent verification and consent management platform in the world.

Here’s how it works:

1. A website or app your child wants to use is asking your permission before it can use your child’s personal information, as is often required by privacy laws in the US, Europe, Brazil and other countries.

2. KWS makes this process of obtaining parents’ consent easy and safe.

But first, we have to confirm that you are an adult. To do this, we may ask you for information like your name, date of birth, or a personal identity number (such as certain digits of a US social security number in the US), or credit or debit card information. This information is used to check that you are an adult and then immediately discarded.  We do not store the personal information you provide to us in the verification process.

3. Once we know you are an adult, you can give permission for your child to use the app or site.

How does SuperAwesome make it easy and safe for me to verify my identity?

KWS was designed to minimize the use of personal data and to make it super-easy for parents to verify their identity as part of providing consent

We do this through our clever technology that ensures you only need to prove that you’re an adult once for any app or site that uses KWS. Once we have verified that you’re an adult, we remember your verified status so that you don’t have to go through the process again the next time you or your child provides your email address to get permission to an app or site that also uses KWS. This not only saves you time, but also minimizes data collected from you because you only provide your verification information once (and this is not stored).

Even better news? Some of the most popular games such as Among Us and Pokemon GO use KWS! So, if you’ve already been verified as an adult with them, granting permission for any future app or site using KWS will be a breeze – and we’re adding new popular games and kids services all the time!

Is my information safe?

We use secure software to encrypt your email address and only partner with companies that commit to our security standards.

KWS is designed to store as little personal information as possible. We store your verified status but not the verification information itself (i.e. your credit card information). Your verified status is stored against a hashed email address (meaning the email is no longer identifiable). The hashed email is only accessed when you or your child provides the same email address again to obtain consent for another app or site. That email is then hashed using the same algorithm and is matched against the hashed email address we have stored, to confirm your verification status and nothing else. In that case, we do not need to ask you for any additional personal information.

Our Privacy Promise

To demonstrate our commitment to child safety, KWS has been certified as compliant with COPPA (the US kids’ privacy law) by (not one but) two FTC-approved COPPA Safe Harbor Programs: the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s (ESRB’s) Privacy Certified Program and KidSAFE. As part of this voluntary program, KWS is subject to audits and other enforcement and accountability mechanisms to ensure legal compliance.

We never sell any of your information to anyone!

For more information, please view our complete privacy notice here.

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